Watch them soar.

Thanks to @LaurakBuzz for the writing prompt

“50% of the world’s population has the ability to fly, The only way to find out is to jump from a height that will surely kill you”.

I watch them soar. Those brave souls who risked everything.

I watched with envy.

I watched with fear.

I watched with shame.

Ten years ago humanity discovered it could fly.

Well half of us had the potential to at least.

Jump from a height that will surely kill you and there was a 50% chance you would be able to pull up by your own power before you hit the ground.

I yearned to fly but I was too afraid.

There were no tricks to be done. No way to bend the odds in your favour.

If you jumped with a rescue plan it wouldn’t work.

The mind had to be convinced that flight was the only escape.

For ten years every test had been done, every loophole tried.

I was 20 when the first flyer appeared.

I watched friends kill themselves.

I watched loved ones pierce the heavens.

I watched governments try to stop the jumping

I watched them employ those who lived.

I watch the edge of the cliff.

I watch it every day.

I watch knowing I will never jump.


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