Black Company – Trish

Trish Mundy

Debrief report.

The girl is damaged. She saw her closest friends get ripped apart and how ineffective she was to stop it.

Not to say she didn’t try. From the footage it’s clear that Agent Mundy done everything she could. She fought well but just didn’t have the equipment or the experience necessary to take down the enemy.

From the crib footage it is clear her squad were over confident and obsessed with celebrity. Agent Mundy appears to have been the only one in the team that showed any concern about taking a Black.

It’s my recommendation that all other squad members files be updated to show how their actions led to the death of the squad and destruction of company property.

She is clearly suffering from survivor’s guilt, post-traumatic stress disorder and a growing list of fears including hoplophobia and ombrophobia. Beyond that is the newly formed inferiority complex. Mundy is aware that she is alive due to a Thresher mistake. That a misplaced shot triggered a fusion reaction effectively removing all thresher presence in the area. She feels that blind luck is the only reason she is still here.

Third Eye really should be commended for the edit they performed on the piece. I’ve seen the original footage and even I believe agent Mundy triggered the explosion.

Under normal circumstances I would recommend she spend 6 months at Meny for additional training then placed in a veteran squad where she can become a reliable and productive operative.

Due to the media attention and her new found celebrity I recommend she receive the full payment from her squads BPN along with the promotions she’s due for the successful Black. She should be put on a course of mood stabilising drugs, receive intense cognitive therapy and given a crash course in media training. I also suggest we have a specialist plant the edited series of events in her mind as the truth.

Third Eye News are more than happy to pay the cost for a speedy rehabilitation while her celebrity is growing.

We should then place her in charge of a high profile combat team to maximise promotion. A perfect scenario would be a squad full of black survivors. The rest of the squad don’t need to be as photogenic as Mundy she will be the poster girl for the squad.

I have a short list of recommended handlers for this squad.

Third Eye have an image of her coated with blood, tears streaming down her face and smiling.

We should use that as the promotional image for the squads launch.


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