During the great war of the Gods, some fled to the mortal realms.

Murtair the Elven God of assassins believed he had better hopes of surviving the chaos of mortals than the fall of his pantheon.

Upon arrival he witnessed the effect of divine war on the mortal races.

Murtair sought to calm things down, even if only in the small nation he resided.

Through murder and fear Murtair succeeded for a while there was order and there was law. All through the tyranny of a God.

The mortal races had long grown tired of the tyranny of Gods and plotted his fall.

While not as powerful as he was in the heavens Murtair was still a God and did not fall easily. In the end the nation he tried to save died along with him.

There is however a legend that a small part of Murtair survived. The tiniest of sparks that could perhaps one day become a glorious flame once more.


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