When I was 14 my blood was tested. The results came back I was a Meta.

The first person in my town to ever be identified as a Metahuman. I became a local celebrity overnight. I couldn’t even do anything yet. The doctors told me my ability may never manifest, I didn’t believe them. All I could think about flying through the skies, stopping bullets with my bare hands and turning invisible. Oh I really wanted to become invisible.

When I left high school I still hadn’t manifested. I was less confident it would happen now. I was a sullen moody teenager who had been promised the world and given nothing. Still I got a job straight out of high school the department for Meta research offered jobs to all potentials and it paid a lot better than my other prospects of ASDA and burger king.

When I turned 21 I had been fully trained as a researcher for the DMR I spent most of my time cataloguing new manifestations helping others discover what their power was and how it worked. It was a great job every day was different and none of my friends had a salary even close to mine. I was however deeply disappointed. More Meta’s were manifesting all the time we were predicting 3% of the population by the end of the decade. I still wasn’t one of them. Every case I looked into was another reminder that I wasn’t one of them. Every time I watched the news and saw a cape or a mask I got angry at my own failing.

As part of research I began studying the adrenaline manifestation theory. There were many cases of manifestation where the Meta in question had their abilities triggered due to being at risk. People who were abused who gained the strength to fight of their attacker. Car accidents with the driver melting their way to safety. A person drowning and flying out of the bottom of a lake.

I couldn’t ignore the evidence. I had to try and trigger my manifestation. At the same time I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to record a manifestation and prove the adrenaline manifestation theory.

My boss while initially reluctant was on board and a day after we put in the request for equipment the shadowy figures in suits arrived with everything we asked for and more. They were very eager to monitor a trigger event and happy that they had a willing subject. The way they said that convinced me their research didn’t get many volunteers. I was in too deep now to turn back, too obsessed with my transformation to ask questions. The tests began.

After 4 weeks I was exhausted, every day they almost killed me to try and manifest my latent ability. I couldn’t handle it any more I was falling apart. I didn’t care if I would ever manifest anymore I just wanted to go home and rest. My old supervisor had been removed from the project after the second week. I talked to the new head of the project about cancelling it.

The first thing I saw was the gun I was told that the tests failed because I on some level knew I was safe. The gun was pointed directly at me. I fell to my knees and begged to be let go.


I looked up and saw the gun. I saw the bullet it had fired suspended in air and inch from my face. I got up and ran. Everyone I passed was frozen solid.

It worked. The psychopath tried to kill me but it worked. I had frozen time.

Now how the hell do I unfreeze it?


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