Emperor Alphonse

Alphonse was a penguin. An Emperor Penguin. What he was emperor of was never fully explained to him.

Alphonse did feel special though as he waddled and slid through the snow. He was convinced he was destined for greatness. He was an Emperor after all.

One day Alphonse was getting ready to go fishing when he saw a waddle of nestlings preening getting ready to take their first swim.

Alphonse smiled as they got ready to take their first steps into adulthood, then he spotted a sea leopard in the water. The nestlings wouldn’t be fast enough to outrun them. He had to help them. He had to take action.

Alphonse charged by the nestlings and leapt into the water, the sea leopard ignored him. Alphonse knew it would wait for the easier prey above. So he swam toward the sea leopard and slapped him twice on the nose as he passed. Enraged at Alphonse’s bravery the Sea Leopard chased him.

While the sea leopard was ferocious and deadly it lacked Alphonse’s speed and agility. Alphonse saw the beast was about to give up the chase so he looped back around and slapped him again. For over an hour Alphonse tormented the sea leopard till its exhaustion overwhelmed its anger and swam for home.

The nestlings were safe and the sea leopard would probably go eat a pesky petrel instead.

Alphonse was a penguin. An Emperor Penguin. He decided today he was emperor of sea leopards.


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