A Man’s Word.

The word of a peasant against that of a King. I have to decide which has the most merit.
The trial has been quick the only evidence, the testimony of two men.

The King of Lirudan’s arrogance is undeniable, appointed by the Gods he can do no wrong and against the word of a common man he knows the verdict should go in his favour.

The peasant however a humble Cooper has everything to lose. By coming forward and telling his story he has doomed himself. If I side with the King he will be killed. If I side with the Cooper then there will be war and he will surely die.

The Cooper claimed to witness the King rape and murder the ambassador of Eskrima. Her body was found and his description of the attack matches the damage done. The crown Prince of Eskrima demanded the truth, while the King of Lirudan claims innocence and that rivals are trying to force the nations into war.

So I was appointed as a neutral party. Both crowns have agreed to abide by my ruling. The fate of 2 nations to be decided based on the word of 2 men.

May the Gods forgive me for the hell my verdict will unleash upon this land.


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