Where is my Jet pack?

Where is my Jet pack?

I always found that to be a strange complaint. That some people find it personally offensive that the world didn’t turn out like 50’s Sci-Fi. Researchers have created this new amazing thing that will hep make life easier for those who can afford it . But where is my Jet Pack.

Instead of asking for weird 50’s Sci-Fi or 80’s Sci-Fi if your go to is asking for a hover-board, why cant we look at the amazing advances we have made. In my lifetime we have created a global network that gives everyone access to the complete knowledge of all mankind. We can talk to people face to face on the other side of the planet. We have even put adorable robots on Mars.

You don’t want a Jet Pack. People make them but they are insanely dangerous, if they were made freely available to purchase one day they would be banned before the week is over. If you put one on you would likely kill yourself.

So don’t ask for a Jet Pack ask for the geniuses of our world to make everything better. Whether its our phones, our cars or the air we breathe. Keep advancing and don’t be limited by ideas of the past.


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