Before the war Meerth was a minor deity who served the Great God of Chaos.

Meerth’s dominion was madness and was fuelled by the breaking of minds.

Towards the end of the war Meerth realised they were the last remaining God dedicated to Chaos.
Empowered by the knowledge that survival would mean becoming the next Great God of Chaos, Meerth hid. In the mind of Bahamut.
The war had taken its toll on the great platinum dragon and was susceptible to Meerth assault on his psyche.

Inside the mind of the great dragon Meerth couldn’t just hide, there was too much opportunity to sew chaos. The God of madness began to play with their new favourite toy.

Through Meerth’s influence Bahamut became crazed toward the end of the war, his tactics dangerous and erratic. It was this unpredictability shattered the dragon’s pantheon and allowed Bahamut to destroy Tiamat.

At the point of Tiamat’s death Meerth saw the last great opportunity of the war.
Meerth drew part of the Dragon Queen’s essence and hid it inside Bahamut.
Meerth then left the damaged Bahamut’s mind, took over Tiamat’s body and remaining power. Meerth then went to claim all of chaos.


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