Terrasque – God of Monsters

To start the Great War the Terrasque was awoken.

Its first victim was small human God who was saved by his family.

The human pantheon ripped the mighty Terrasque apart. If not for the intervention of the God of Monsters its part in the war would have been over.

The God of Monsters healed the Terrasque then added it to its pantheon. Empowering the great beast and giving it a mind to match its fury.
This would mark the end of the monstrous pantheon as Terrasque held no loyalty to these Gods and its hunger could not be contained. Terrasque consumed the every last monstrous god and their power along with it.

As the only God of Monsters Terrasque went on a rampage throughout the chaos of the Great War.
In the final days Terrasque almost died and learned the lesson of patience.

It now licks its wounds preparing for revenge.


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