Vahan the Bulwark was a hero to his people. He managed to stop the madness of the Great War ever reaching his town.

What’s most impressive about this feat is that he done it without killing anyone.

Every time something threatened his people Vahan would meet it head on armed only with a shield.

With his shield Vahan held off monster, raiders and even an army.

Vahan was an old man in the final days of the war when the world was at its most dangerous, but still no trouble reached his small town.
As the Gods made their peace and order slowly started to return. A mysterious figure waited at the town’s border asking for Vahan.

The towns wise old champion made his way to the stranger now using his mighty shield for support as he slowly walked toward them.

Vahan knew he could no longer defend his town and that only his reputation had kept predators at bay for the last few years. He was old and frail and his time was near an end.

The stranger also knew this and made Vahan an offer to endure his peoples safety.
The hero accepted.

The stranger, Vahan and his shield have never been seen since.


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