Lirudan was named after Liruda the ruler of the human pantheon.
When the human tribes of the land united they done so with his guidance. When they conquered the done so with his might.

When the crown of Lirudan was broken it was done with his blessing.
Liruda’s faith ruled Lirudan. First alongside a king then in place of one.

Lirudan expanded beyond the territories of the dwarves and elves the old borders were acknowledged. The land has since been considered part of the nation but never directly ruled.

Liruda’s church crumbled after one his sons attempted to seize power.

After the fall of Liruda’s faith Toronos’ followers made a new city in his honour named Toron which soon became the capital.

At the start of the war of the Gods Toronos was made aware of the treachery of mortals. With the added disrespect that they hid within his city. Full of anger he unleashed his wrath upon the great city destroying everything and everyone that didn’t seek the safety of his temple.

After the destruction of the capital it became clear that the churches power was unstable at best.
So Duke Petrichor declared Lodehaven the new capital and himself king. He brought a measure of order to the fractured nation and was loved by the people. Once he had the support of the dwarves and elves the church’s rule was over.

So Petrichor was the first king of Lirudan for over 400 years his rule would be kind and fair. The Petrichor family ruled Lirudan peacefully till the Great War of the Gods.

Then a curse began a cycle of war.


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