Black Company – Petri

Petri awoke shocked that he had survived. He tried to look around and realised that he couldn’t. He tried to assess how bad the damage was.

Only one eye worked, he couldn’t blink with it and his vision was blurred but it was a start. He couldn’t feel either of his legs. One arm hurt a lot and he could move it slightly. Judging by his difficulty breathing he had half a lung at best. His brain seemed intact enough that he could make a reasonable assessment of the damage done to him and deduced that with his regeneration he should have some form of mobility within 48 hours. He would however then need to eat or his regeneration would stop.

37 hours later and he could now crawl, it wasn’t fast but it was enough. He looked and saw the remnants of the massacre, bodies blasted beyond recognition surrounding a massive crater. He had no idea if anyone else survived or how he had.

After an hours slow crawl from the massacre he saw the body of a Carrien killed by shrapnel from the blast site. Still mostly intact, not the perfect meal but it would do. After his meal he crawled under the wreckage of a transport ship to sleep and heal.

16 hours later his limbs were beginning to grow back, his range of movement in his left arm had improved greatly and his eyesight was near perfect. His hearing had also returned which made him aware that local Carrien were on their way to scavenge what they could from the battle.

Petri hid for an hour waiting for an opportunity. The Carrien were clearly disappointed with nothing to salvage other than scrap metal. Some were already starting to leave when they realised there was no food or weapons left over. One of the Carrien was looking through the husk of the transport that Petri was hiding under as soon as it took one step outside Petri grabbed its leg and quickly pulled it under with him then crushed its larynx. He starred at the Carrien as he squeezed the life from it with his one good arm. It didn’t put up much of a fight and went quickly. Petri waited till the others scattered before eating again.

24 hours later Petri could walk again. Not with any speed or grace but he could support his weight on his legs with an unconvincing hobble. He used the Carrien’s club for support and began to make his way slowly toward the city.

Petri’s journey home was slow and mostly uneventful. He would set traps for the local Carrien and pick them off 1 by 1. When there were larger groups he kept his distance. By the time he made to Morts gates he had killed 49 Carrien half of which were for food. He was greeted by 2 sector rangers who were surprised to see the naked Stormer. He gave his name and id number and was then sent to be debriefed. The first thing he said to the investigator was sorry for being so late.


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