Its election night and everyone on social media is arguing about speculative numbers.

Some are convinced they have done well, others are panicking that they might lose. Celebrities are trying to turn their fame into political capital with last minute advertisements for their party of choice.

In the end regardless of what happens some politicians are about to be out of a job. Unlikely for long as most politicians seem to be able to make good money even when they lose an election. No it’s consultant work and public speaking for them and an amazing public funded pension that most government workers could only dream of.

In the end there were 2 people who had a chance to become prime minister. Neither of which I felt should run a nation.

I still voted because I have hope. Hope that our 2 party system is coming to an end and that maybe one day we might get a leader who thinks of the people first rather then themselves and their funders.
It may be little more than daydreaming but its better than trying to decide the lesser of two evils.


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