Kayfabe is a potential chain of stories about a world where professional wrestling is 100% real.

These will be stories to cover all of the drama and madness of a world men and women pull of ridiculous feats of athleticism to defeat an opponent all for the chance to get a belt.

Obviously in the real world if someone through a man from 12 feet in the air through a table they would kill them. To explain this wrestlers in this world will take on a super human element. They can get hurt but their threshold for damage is phenomenal as is their ability to heal.

The most famous the wrestler becomes the greater their ability to inflict and receive damage becomes.

Heels and faces channel the power of the crowd to allow them to perform these superhuman acts.
Face are the heroes the champions of the people and the most popular of wrestlers. The cheers of the crowd fuel them. Without the support of their fans a face is in trouble.
Heels are the villains they thrive on the crowds animosity their goal is to silence the crowd and de-power the face. The more hated they are the stronger they become.

Alliances and betrayals are a daily occurrence the most prized possession is the world championship belt. Heroes and Villains from around the world would do anything to win it.

The story will mostly follow one young wrestlers attempt to make it in this world.


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