Black Company – Atholl

Atholl just shook his head in disbelief, a black BPN sat before of his squad of 3. Quinn the squad’s investigator looked like a broken man, he had asked for a blue the guy on the desk knew he had asked for a blue but for some reason he got the black. Now the squad was doomed.

Clarice was a gun nut and desperate for some action, she had hoped that Quinn would be landed with a red that they’d have to rush off to some emergency and blast their way through enemies of the company. More than that she wanted to live. Black was suicide they all knew that.

They had to go 40 levels down, long past where anything resembling human lives. They found the building they were supposed to infiltrate. A series of old apartments that had been converted into a Dark Night pharmacy from here they flooded downtown with poison. They scouted the place even from the outside it was clear that they were outnumbered 12 guards outside all well-armed. These weren’t common thugs they were Dark Nights best and this was one of their prized sites on Mort.

Quinn kept talking about heading back failing the BPN that any punishment was better than what they were facing. Clarice was trying to work out how to take out the guards quietly, if there was a pattern to their movements.

Atholl just looked at the vial of ultra-violence in his hand. If he was going to die, it was going to be in a blaze of glory. He injected Bass, then the Solo just as he was loading the vial of UV into the syringe gun Quinn spotted what he was doing and tried to stop him.

Atholl shrugged Quinn off side and Clarice realised what was about to happen so she began firing.

The UV went in hard Atholl felt as though his muscles were on fire and the fire felt great. He then picked up his claymore and charged.

Clarice instinctively laid down covering fire for Atholl while Quinn panicked and started shooting toward the guards.

Atholl charged through the main door with little care for the outside guards who were shooting him. He had been hit. He felt the impact but didn’t care. Once inside he slashed his way through anything that got in his way till he saw a DN techie frantically typing away.

Trevor had a great job he monitored security for a pharm lab run by Dark Night. Day by day no-one came anywhere near the lab if anyone did the heavily armed guard would either scare or blow them away.

The status quo made Trevor a little too comfortable as time went by. He barely checked the outside cameras any more preferring to spend time sampling some of the labs finest product.

Then came day Trevor never thought would come. A SLA operative was inside the lab mowing his way through everyone in his path. The guards outside had to have fallen and more Slops would be on the way in. Trevor frantically loaded up the security fail-safe and activate the kill switch.

Atholls swing toward the tech was amplified by the explosion behind him. His comms went quiet he could no longer hear his squad or any gunfire. He pulled himself up and strained to remove his sword that was now embedded through the tech and into the floor.

He then ran through the building killing anyone he could find. Disappointed that there were no more guards but just the lab workers. Once he was convinced he had killed everyone he set the fire, walked out and watched the whole place burn.

During his debriefing he was praised for his bravery and quick thinking. He was told that triggering the security fail-safe during a shift change when all the guards were outside was a piece of tactical brilliance. That his squad mates sacrifice would be remembered.

Atholl was coming down during the debriefing so said nothing, he accepted the praise and his pay and couldn’t wait to feel the fire again.


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