Black Company

Black Company

A team of hardened rookies with 1 thing in common they are all the sole survivor of a Black BPN.

Trish Mundy – Human Female Strike

Straight out of Meny an all-girl group of operatives ready for fame and fortune they believed themselves un-killable, they were so very wrong.

They selected a black knowing it would get them press coverage. Convinced that 4 attractive operatives would get an easier assignment.

Trish survived due to dumb luck, while she was pinned down paralysed with fear one of the Thresher squads weapon misfired and hit a fuel tank killing his entire squad.

When the clean-up team arrived with the cameras they found a traumatised yet photogenic girl amidst a massacre. BPN successful

Petri – 313 Death

Petri was one of 300 Stormers awoken to join a black BPN in cannibal sector 1.

He crawled out of the mission with less than 70% of his body remaining. After feeding on carrion for a few weeks he had regenerated fully and made his way back to Mort naked to report the mission a success apologising for the delay.

Atholl Brose – Male Frother Kick Murder

Atholl’s squad was given a Black BPN as part of a clerical error which led to their destruction. Atholl survived by being fearless and fighting when common sense told his squad to run. They all died in a trap and Atholl murdered every member of the Dark Night terror squad gaining a fair amount of fame at the same time

Sorca – Male Eban Investigator

Sorca was part of an all Ebb group that took a Jade BPN which was later reclassified as black.

They were given the task of investigating a fold ship, which had appeared unexpectedly near Morts orbit.

The ship didn’t respond to any communication and the crew were believed dead.

Every member of Sorca’s team was killed by another member of the squad due to the manipulations of a very powerful ebb user who had also killed the original crew.

Sorca survived by blasting a hole in the hull before jumping in an escape pod.

Nina Frank – Female Human Investigator

An investigator who went to lower downtown to track a killer who had wiped out the last squad that went looking for them. Backed up by 4 combat operatives who managed to slow the monster down enough for Helena to get a killing blow.


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