Gladius Prelude

Agent Gladius has been one of our top assets for the last 5 years. He is arguably our best asset for quick infiltration missions.

I do however now have to recommend he be put under surveillance.

While he has always been a dutiful agent and his loyalty has never been in question. On his last mission in Riga it is possible, that he may have come into contact with one of our former assets Dr Ināra Katainen.

Ināra has intimate knowledge of the Gladius Project. Her disapproval of what occurred is the reason she is no longer with us. Is she was face to face with the projects only success I doubt the conversation placed us in a good light.

So we must watch Gladius till we know for certain. I also want a retrieval team dispatched to Riga and to bring back Dr Katainen. That woman’s been in the wind far too long.


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