Jushur looked upon the field where his clan would die.
His father Ngushur was chieftain. A brave and noble leader till his ambitions ran wild.

Ngushur planned to unite all the Clans of the Wilds under his banner. His first step was to demand the Ogres join him in subjugating the goblins. The ogres refused and the fighting begun all leading to this rain soaked field where two clans would battle Orc and Ogre.

Jushur however was not like his father. He didn’t see the ogres as brutes who would follow a command from a strong voice.  He knew the ogres need to see proof of strength, they would follow the mightiest wherever they went. Not where they were told.

In a battle his people were dead he had to act. He convinced his father to meet with the Ogre chief before the battle. Once the two chiefs were together Jushur swung his axe with malice and ended his fathers reign. He then screamed to the Ogre chief to pick his strongest warrior to face him. To let the strongest decide the day.

The chiefs champion lumbered forward pulling a tree behind him as though it were a club. No time was wasted on pleasantries as the monstrous weapon was swung toward with surprising pace. Jushur leapt and narrowly avoided being crushed to death. The huge ogre then raised the tree above his head, preparing to crush every bone in the young orc’s body. The strength needed for such a feat was impressive, it was also foolish and gave Jushur enough time to thrust his axe and disembowel his colossal foe.

Jushur ruled his people, he now had the Ogres and the Goblins would soon bow to him with just the threat of violence.

He could do it. He could unite the wilds. Then he would march on the throne.


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