When War Bled

During the Great War of the Gods there was one moment when the maddening brutality of the war eclipsed all others.

The day when all Gods of War went to battle.

This was not the final battle of the war but the first sign of its end.

Every God whose domain was warfare fought in this grand melee. Whether they fought for good or evil, order or chaos, whether they fought to protect their pantheon or just for themselves. They all fought.

The Gods of War took to battle themselves and commanded vast armies, some were championed by all the heroic dead of those that worshiped them, some dredged the depths of hell and forced armies of demons to battle, some stood with an entire pantheon of Gods behind them and one God stood alone and embraced the madness.

As the Gods of War destroyed each other so did their mortal followers. Every champion raised their forces and assaulted their enemies screaming their Gods name into battle.

This would be a battle no-one would win. Neither among the Gods or those who worshiped them.

The destruction of the battle claimed many gods, many mortal armies and marked the end of the human pantheon.

The damage was so great that at the heart of the battle the heaven were torn apart. Then destroyed human pantheon fell to the mortal realm, their dead formed an archipelago.
Other gods fell drained of much of their power but alive. A few would run and hide forsaking the other gods. Others used their power and commanded the mortal races.

This is the battle where war itself was made to bleed.

There is a legend that the blood fell also.


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