Black Company – Nina

Two weeks till graduation. Two weeks till she was a SLA Operative. Her interrogation tutor had already arranged for her to join a veteran squad. They were a combat team desperately in need of an investigator to help them track down targets. She didn’t care what had happened to their old investigator, she just saw this as her opportunity to skip the usual newbie patrol the sewers routine and get straight to her job.

She travelled to Central to meet her new team. The squad leader a Shaktar by the name of Gr’tf’k, welcomed her to the group and handed her the BPN they’d drawn.

It was Black.

She thought they were messing with her, first day in Central and already sentenced to death.
No they were serious and they needed her.
She was more shocked when they told her that they had requested this BPN specifically.
Gr’tf’k’s sister was also an operative. She and her entire squad where killed doing the same BPN although it had been white at the time. Another squad had also failed before Gr’tf’k had found the BPN code he wasn’t surprised to see it was now black.

Gr’tf’k explained how there was a serial killer causing hell in downtown and that the only sure way to draw him out was to be looking for him. They needed her for bait.

He apologised for that and let her know they really did need an investigator but this was family.
She agreed to go with them and officially joined the squad. It wasn’t the dream start to her career but she was going to make the most of it. Besides she looked at her new squad, each was a highly skilled and well-armed killing machine. She would hunt the killer and they would finish them.

Once they arrived in downtown she began interviewing the locals. They were all terrified of their local killer but she did manage to piece together a few ideas from the contradicting reports. While interrogating a local pimp she received a message that all the case files had been sent to her oyster.

She looked through the case files including the autopsy reports from the previous victims and the squads. While looking through the pictures it became clear that the first 2 autopsies were the only ones not rushed. The first coroner had shown that a Mac knife had been used on 2 of bodies he received on a night shift. Then the local Shiver commander linked all local unsolved knife killings to the same case. There was no original serial killer just a shiver trying to gets ops to do their job for them.

The operatives that had been killed were a different story. While crime scene pictures had been taken no coroner had ever examined the bodies. They had been hunting a serial killer so they had automatically been given the same cause of death. If anyone had examined the bodies they would have seen the obvious. While they had all been stabbed or slashed it certainly wasn’t with a Mac knife.

The blade used to kill them had to have been at least 3 feet long. Each of the bodies had also been torn apart. While she couldn’t confirm it with just the picture it looked like parts of them were missing.

She quickly got on her coms. “The killer isn’t targeting people looking for it. It’s after Slops”.

Gr’tf’k told her to get to his position 1 block away. As she was heading toward them Nina heard gunfire and immediately started running.

When she arrived only Gr’tf’k was still standing fighting an 8 foot tall pile of chrome and flesh. A Manchine.

It had killed the rest of the squad and while badly damaged now had the upper hand on Gr’tf’k. He knew this and thrust his sword through the beast pinning it to the ground as it disembowelled him.

Nina emptied her clip.


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