Baron Von Dethface

Baron Von Dethface gazed upon his latest scheme to ruin the lives of those who sat idly.
The cameras were set and the servers were ready. Soon those idiots at home would face true terror.
12 cameras for 24 hour coverage. 12 greedy eyes ready to make the world watch.
The site went live. The email and social media campaign spread. 
Baron Von Dethface opened the cages.

Across the country people received the link. Some from the initial spam most from retweets and friend recommendations. Someone had set up a website with a live feed of bunny’s hopping around a warehouse. 
People spent hours watching the adorable rabbits. Fan Websites were made some praising the site some using the rabbits for seemingly endless meme generation.

Baron Von Dethface watched, the numbers were high enough the people loved it. It was time to release the gas and horrify millions. 
Baron Von Dethface laughed loud. It was a special laugh he had spent weeks preparing. It was the first time he had done it properly without coughing. His Lagomorphs however should have been coughing. They should have been convulsing. They … they should have been dead by now. Did that one just kiss another? What was happening? He screamed for his henchman.

Tony ran up the stairs to see what the Baron was screaming about. Had he laughed too hard and started coughing up blood again? No he was livid at the gas, the bunnies were all alive the gas had done nothing.
Tony thought about it, then explained that they had only tested it on rats and that the rats were in a small enclosed space where as the bunn… Lagomorphs were in a huge warehouse with more than adequate ventilation.

Baron Von Dethface wasn’t pleased he considered murdering his henchman to make him feel better but no. This was his mistake Tony had suggested somewhere smaller, but Baron Von Dethface decided to go with the rundown warehouse it was bigger, it looked more menacing and was considerably cheaper. He sent his henchman to find another way to quickly kill the lagomorphs.
Then he watched the number of visitors to the site grow he couldn’t wait to make them cry.

Wanda had been tasked with tracing the links that had hit every email address in Police Scotland.
She had done that and was now confused. The site was clearly being funded by a Mr Barry Denton. 
Denton was a known cape wannabe going by the ludicrous name of Baron Von Dethface. He had a history of performing DDOS attacks on gamers, some cases of causing a public nuisance and 3 restraining orders against him from registered Meta humans. 
The bunnies however was entirely new. Had he gone legit, there were ads on the site so he was more than likely running a profit. She sent an email to her boss recommending some sort of fine for the spamming and mentioned she would look into it in case he was up to anything else.

Tony wondered when the baron would make his move. Still he couldn’t have the bunnies dying before the baron was ready. So he fed them made sure they had plenty to eat with lots of variety, he even cleaned up some of the windows so they could have more light during the day.
Tony liked it when it looked like they were sunbathing.

For the next couple of days she studied the site. She found no malware or phishing going on, no visible scamming. The only info the site was taking in was how many people were watching.
Wanda watched some footage of Barry going nuts in public he seemed like the sort of idiot who believed his own crap and would take it too far and end up pissing off the wrong Meta or in prison. She didn’t get the impression he would just suddenly go legit. The rabbits were clearly being fed and seemed to be happy. Some very happy. She was spending too much time watching the bunny feed.

It had been a week Baron Von Dethface was not going to take any more. He was going to reveal himself to the camera and then kill them one by one with his bare hands. He loved the idea he loved it more than the gas.
He put his Dethmask on and his Dethgloves and got ready to purge the lagomorphs. Just before he did his henchman appeared with a document in his hand.
The baron carefully read it. He took the Dethgloves off and went back up to the monitor room. Confused he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When Tony handed the Baron the bit of paper he thought he would be happy. Instead he just sulked off upstairs saying nothing.
Tony thought it was great news the ads on the site were making a fortune. They had more than covered the cost of this whole scheme and more money was coming in all the time. Even Tony’s back pay had been covered now.

Wanda Gibson had had enough. The site was clean, Barry was clean, his mate Tony was clean, all the rabbits had been purchased legally and Tony was clearly looking after them. There were no secret messages being broadcast, no loom tech involved and Barry had even stopped trying to hack other Dota players.
She sent a report to DCI Carver saying too much time had been wasted on this. Recommended better spam filters for the department and a block to the bunny site for all of police Scotland as she knew how many working hours were being wasted watching it.
She then setup the same block on her phone and laptop, she knew how many hours she had wasted there too.

Baron Von Dethface was now rich. He never thought that would anger him. He had dreamt of gaining wealth from pulling heists and defeating heroes in battle. The lagomorphs however were only supposed to be a stepping stone. 
Still the money was coming in, more and more every day. 
He had paid of his debts, even his henchmen’s wages had been paid.
Tony had never seemed happier, he may have been a henchman but he was also a friend.
Dammit he had to keep the Lagomorphs didn’t he? 
Baron Von Dethface accepted his fate and then thought about what he was going to do now.
No matter what he thought about he knew he wanted to still be a villain.
The money could make it happen. The money would make it happen.
This time no-one would laugh at him. 
Not the cape catchers who told him to stop wasting their time.
Not the so called heroes who got the restraining orders. He’d show them 100 feet.
Not even those noobs online who ignored his strategic brilliance.
No One.

Tony was ecstatic the Baron had promoted him, he was in charge of the bunnies and the site from now on. Make sure they were happy and well fed and that the camera always stayed on. The Baron had a new plan, Tony was a bit sad he couldn’t be part of it but this way he got to stay with the bunnies and the bunnies got to stay alive.

Baron Von Dethface found what he needed it was expensive and dangerous but it would work.
No-one would laugh any more.
Now he would have all the power.


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