In 1952 Corporal Clive Jones was a volunteer for the British forces variant of the super soldier programme.
His reaction to the enhancement was immediate, his muscle mass grew drastically ripping through his skin and crushing several bones and organs.
The shock of it killed him.
The variant formula he was given was scrapped and his part in the project classified. His body was ordered incinerated to cover up the mistake.
On the way to the incinerators his healing factor kicked in and he awoke.
One of the few survivors described his actions as frantic, scared and terrifyingly destructive.
He then wandered around the country being chased by the military. Devastation was caused whenever the army caught up to him.

During the years he was chased a few things became noted.
When the army wasn’t near him he tended not to cause any damage.
His attacks on the army were appearing defensive.
After each attack he was getting stronger and healing faster.
From civilian reports he came across as a gentle giant with a simple intelligence. A scared child is how he was most commonly described. 
In the few occasions he would talk he referred to himself as Error.

The UK government eventually gave up on the idea of ever capturing or killing him, but instead decided to trick him.
They were successful in luring him onto a barge which crossed the North Sea and landed in Rømø Denmark.
He then got scared by people’s reaction to him and a new path of destruction began throughout Europe.
For the next 20 years governments wasted millions trying to fight or imprison him always ending up luring him away from their borders.

In the late 70’s once magic had returned to the world moving Error around became much easier as mages would be hired to teleport him far away.
Eventually being ported to the South Pole.
Where for years he was left alone.

In 1985 after the Global Defence Alliance failed in their fifth attempt to remove Übermensch from power, the United States ported error 5 miles above Australia. After he landed we went berserk and fought the Over-Men’s reaction force.
Error crushed them but the force bought enough time for Über to appear. The battle was immense with reports of shockwaves being felt halfway around the world. Über realised that a battle of strength was pointless and took the skies with Error eventually dropping him in the south pacific. (Had it not been for the Kudzu attack on Madagascar and the truce that came as a result, this attack would have started a war between the US and the Over-men).

For most of the 90’s the nations of the world continued to spend resources on keeping Error from their borders. But many young Novas would be try and test themselves against him. Only to find pain, humiliation or death.

Then in 2002 a Nova named Maurice Paulson encountered Error in the Sahara. Maurice had spent years studying the history of Clive Jones and came to the conclusion he could be a great help to the defence of the planet.
Maurice befriended Error and helped him stay in isolation away from those who sought him incarcerated. It of course helped that Maurice was an empathic psychic.
Maurice while not a member of the GDA did send reports to them and helped coordinate defence against invasion with Errors help.
This was a period of great hope in the life of Clive Jones, and while helping save the world his friend Maurice was noting a huge improvement in his mental condition.
Sadly this had to come to an end.

In early 2013 Maurice was petitioning the GDA to allow Error to join. Error was much calmer now and when near his friend and even had in depth conversations with Apollo about how he could help people.
Rumours about Error joining the GDA spread and a member of Warheads known as Claymore didn’t like the idea of something so destructive being used so productively.
Just after one of the meetings with the GDA Claymore attacked killing Maurice.

Error has been on a rampage since.


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