First Match

The music I chose played. Go Square Go by Glasvegas  I thought I was clever I began to regret it as I approached the ring.

Tomi the butcher had been screaming my name throughout the entire song demanding I get in the ring so he could end me.

I stood before the ring and leapt up grabbing the top rope and swinging myself into the ring. The crowd cheered. Their praise was short lived.

Tomi didn’t wait for the bell and clotheslined as soon as I was standing. He then picked me up and slammed me to the ground and went for the quick pin.



I threw my shoulder up a millisecond before the ref hit three, Tomi jumped up and stomped on me. After the ref pushed him back a bit he grabbed me pulled me up and raised onto his shoulders me for a suplex.

I gained awareness of what was happening just I time and swung my way out of the hold. After hitting the ground I kicked him in the stomach and pulled off a quick DDT.

We both lay on the ground. Tomi stunned and me beaten.

The crowd cheered. They cheered for me.

I got to my feet first seconds before the ref counted us out. Tomi shortly after me.
he charged at me with malice in his eyes. I saw him coming and jumped in the air and drop kicked him.

While Tomi was on the ground I took my chance and jumped to the top rope and heard the crowd begin to chant my name. Before they could performed a moonsault and then grabbed his leg.




I had won the crowd of 46 people screamed for me.

I was hooked.


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