A somewhat unique day.

Months ago the staff of my charity were having a meeting and we all agreed that we should all set some sort of personal goal to raise money for the charity. One of my colleagues was going to do a 5k another a cycle marathon. I had no idea what I would do I just knew I was not anywhere near fit enough to do a marathon. Then we got to planning events for the rest of the year and the idea of a Firewalk appeared. That was it that, that would be my personal challenge.
I was the first person to put my name down for it.

A lot has happened since that meeting the biggest being I got married so the Firewalk pretty much got pushed to the back of my mind. Even when I was fundraising for it didn’t seem real.

Till today when I saw the logs burning.

To prepare the group doing it we done several exercises including placing the tip of an arrow against our necks and walking forward to break it. This scared me more than the Firewalk, I knew the science behind walking on coals I had convinced myself I was safe this was something else.

Still I couldn’t back down I was the only member of staff from the charity doing this surrounded by volunteers and supporters I had no choice but to step forward. Then snap so quickly the arrow was broke in three pieces and everyone in the room took their turn.

Then the main event, led outside into the dark we all saw our friends and family ready to cheer us on. In the middle of them the red glowing coals.

One by one we stepped up and walked across. No-one hesitated. Not even me.

Then we all did it again.

Then I did it one last time.

A strange day but if I can walk on fire what else can I do?


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