Race the Sun

We had been sent by the fleet to survey a somewhat unique planet. Vast stretches of land covered its entire circumference with 2 oceans at its poles. Our mission was to test for terraforming potential and mineral surveying.

After 4 weeks the environmental systems predicted that the planet was about to undergo a colossal climate shift. Our heat shields could be linked to our solar array allowing us to survive the drastic temperature increase during the day.
Once the sun passed however the freezing cold would kill us instantly. The fleet had been notified but the closest ship was over 4 days away.

We were running out of time when our chief engineer came up with our best shot.
The heat shield and solar array were fitted to our hover cruiser. The stronger the heat became the greater our shields any excess energy would go into the engine.
We would have to maintain an average speed of 1600kmh to survive for 4 days with no rest.

We would race the sun.


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