The Shopkeeper

My business was on the verge of greatness or disaster. We had a product that could change the market sadly we didn’t have the capital to get us there.

There was only one person I could turn to for a loan that would ensure our product was released. Unfortunately it was my mother in law, she had never approved of our marriage and saw me as little more than a leech. By going to her I would in her eyes be proving her right.

I had no idea how to approach her, any business proposal wouldn’t even be glanced at. My arrival at her office alone would not be welcomed.

I decided I would bring a gift something to hopefully soften the blow when I arrived. Flowers wouldn’t do as she always got morbid when talking about flowers. Then I saw the antique shop.

The shopkeeper was an odd gentlemen he didn’t look like he got out much, his store while dusty and full of random items looked as though it may hide some rare treasure.
He delighted in telling me the tale behind each item. At first I thought it was part of his sales pitch then I became engrossed in his stories and the sad history that belonged to each piece.
I related each story to my own life and realised no matter what gift I got her my mother in law would never be happy.

I thanked the shopkeeper and purchased a music box for my daughter instead.

I would give my mother in law what she really wanted something that she could hold over me for the rest of my life. To provide for my family it would be worth it.


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