Quiet Revolution

Our revolution failed. We united all who sought freedom. We embraced everyone who was oppressed as family. For too long our masters had ruled us by keeping us divided we thought unity would liberate us.

We were naïve, we didn’t suspect anyone would betray us. Foolish short-sighted children trying to win a game we barely understood the rules of.

In our moment of glory we united all who stood against the oppressors in one place and handed control to our enemy.

So few of us escaped the slaughter. We were no longer blind to the game of the masters, we vowed to never act so foolishly again.

Patience was the first thing we learned, we let the masters and the traitors believe us gone. We waited ten years for our revenge and in one night those who led the masters’ arms to our door were witness to the Brutality we had mastered.

Subterfuge became a way of life we hid ourselves within the world of the masters, infiltrating our way into their society and watching each other to stop us becoming like them.

Now twenty-seven years after our greatest failure we are finally ready to strike.


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