The last wall

They attacked with little regard to their own safety. Snarling rows of sharp teeth and blood red eyes that portrayed a savage intelligence.

The first layer of defences did little to hold them back this time. She was forced to fall back to the last wall. This is where she would make her last stand.

The last wall was designed to force the attackers into a natural bottleneck. Here she could hold them off as long as her wits and weapons didn’t fail her.

The beasts were enraged at being held back. They screamed for blood demanding she give into their demands and hand over those she was protecting. She could go free and the assault would end if she would just hand them over.

Her team, no her friends were oblivious to the dangers beyond the wall she fought hard to make sure they were safe from the beast’s influences. Safe to pursue a never ending destiny or research exobiological husbandry.

She held the last wall her resolve greater than the beasts and her friends were safe, happy and blissfully unaware of the danger beyond the wall. The defences would need improved and repaired. They would be back soon.


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