The Flag

The plan had been perfect. We knew where they would be, how well armed they were and how log it would take anyone to help them.

There was risk of course some of could pay a heavy price but the haul was worth it. The captain knew everything about the prize we were about to take. Except that it was a trap.

The prize the spice ship full of saffron was full of cannons hidden hatches revealed them as we prepared to board the “surrendering merchants”.

The bosun noticed the guns just before the first volley ripped us apart.

The captain screamed at us to board. We all knew we had to fight or die. The royals navy’s finest quickly appeared from below deck to meet us. We out numbered against men with better training and equipment but we were desperate.

I have no idea for how long we fought or how many we killed. I don’t know which one of us made it below deck and lit up their powder room but they saved the those of us who survived the blast.

My ears were still ringing when I was pulled aboard the tender. There were eight of us on the small row boat hoping to make it to shore before thirst did what the navy couldn’t.

Our chef was staring into oblivion his mind still trying to catch up with what happened. While checking if he could hear me I saw what he was clutching to for all his might. Black cloth. In the midst of all the chaos that crazy bastard had saved the flag.

The flag would fly again, we would elect a new captain and sail once more. All of us had our hearts set on revenge.

First we needed to get to shore.


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