The Path Intro

‘A whole evening wasted’ thought Jay, whatever it was that had been killing tourists at the airport the last few nights hadn’t shown up tonight.

It didn’t make sense 6 nights in a row and then nothing, no other hunters had been here and the damned monsters tend not to stop once they get into a pattern of blood lust. ‘They must have sorted it in house’ he guessed. It made sense a newly turned vampire out of control and the elders got the child and taught them a lesson if they didn’t kill them. ‘Best to forget about the whole thing go home and sleep try and pick up the trail in the day light.’

Jay had just about gotten home when he saw the smoke and the sirens, he knew better than to run toward the scene. He walked slowly just another passer by gawking at potential tragedy. Sure enough the fire department were busy putting out the flames in his flat. Once it was out the police or the fire investigators would find the weapons he had stashed whilst looking for the cause of fire.

Once they know he’s not dead the police will be looking for the person who lived there. Another identity burned. Jay watches the flames and tries to think who could have known he was staying there. He hadn’t even told Cameron.

He would have to visit Cameron to help figure out what happened but more urgently he needed a place to crash till he could set up a new safe house.

Cameron was the one who recruited Jay to “The Path of the Hunter” as he always called it. Jay thought that was always just his way of making his love of violence seem noble. Jay’s Dad and Cameron hunted together for years till his death, since then Cameron has been trying to find out what it was that killed him and help Jay get revenge.

Dawn was starting to break when Jay arrived at Cameron’s place. He went in through the side entrance surprised to find the door unlocked and ajar. The light switch wasn’t working either, the entire place in darkness. Jay reached for his gun then CRACK a huge smash to the side of his head sends him flying across the room.

He lies concussed facing the ceiling as the lights come on. Dangling from the rafters is what is left of Cameron.

Then he blacks out.

It’s been a very bad day.


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