Facing east the entrance to the cave is easily missed. The white stone of the coast reflects the sun almost blinding anyone who would dare stare at it. The slippery and sharp stone of the coast is far too dangerous to approach at night.
Only at midday can the cave be safely found though it should only entered by those willing to spend the night. As part of tradition, the locals bring their dead here allowing them to rest with their ancestors. The living must spend the night in the cave to remember those they are helping pass into the next life.

Once past the narrow entrance of the cave we found a large circular room hand carved by locals. Covered in small paintings showing the faces of those who have come to rest here. None of the paintings show sadness, rather they are a symbol of the joy of a life well lived.

From the entry room there is a small passageway that leads further into the cave. The white stone brightly mirroring the light of our torches. Some newer paintings can be seen in this passage to our surprise we saw two that looked like Théan faces.

The passage led on for little more than fifty yards before slowly opening up to a natural chamber the stone of the passageway marbling into the bright blue of the chamber is a truly wondrous site well worth the trip itself.

We journeyed through the blue chamber long past any sign of the marbling, our torches usefulness diminished as the blue walls grew darker.
The temperature slowly increased the deeper we went. As night was falling and the rest of the island cooled we slowly began to cook beneath it. Spurred on with awe in our eyes we longed to see more of this glorious place.

With the heat also came a smell at first unsettling growing to an unbearable stench akin to rotten eggs. Through sheer single-mindedness we ventured onward till our noses grew accustomed to it.

For our stubborn persistence we were rewarded by the flames on our torches fading to almost nothing then just as we were about to turn around the fire turned blue and bright. Leading us further into the cave though the heat unbearable the walls began to lighten up once more. Almost as if they began to glow naturally the ground no longer felt stable and if pressed upon hard the imprint of our boots could clearly be seen. We began to see small rivers of molten blue rock that almost became white it was that bright with a light blue gas emerging from the rivers.

All of us were having trouble breathing at this point and were forced to turn back. The irritation in our throats and eyes we put down to smell. We had convinced ourselves we were fine.
That folly led to the deaths of three of our party. Inhaling the gas killed them and blinded our shield man. After 6 months I have recovered but I ask members of the society to avoid exploring this cave beyond the marbled chamber as the locals strongly advised us to do.
Though you will all no doubt be as stubborn as we were.


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