Writing Challenge. Rebirth.

My original attempt at my writing challenge was stopped originally for the short term because I was writing a lot of background for the game of seventh sea that I was running. From time to time I included some parts of it here.
Then the real world jumped on top of me and stopped me even considering writing for some time.
Now I feel is a good time to try it again. While not a new year’s resolution it is the first of January and feels a good time to retry something.

So 2017 version of the rules.

Every day I must submit something with at least 100 words.
This can take any form. Fact or fiction. Deeply personal to bizarre fever dream.

All writings are not meant to be clean I’m mostly going to do 1 take on it with editing being little more than a quick spell check.

This is now over 100 words so counts as an entry.


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