It is January third I am back at work and the cold I have been incubating since the middle of December has decided to stretch out a little and try and claim more territory.
My head and chest are now colonies for the illness. I can breath using only half my nose and balance is off due to one of my ears being blocked.
It thinks it has won. It thought I would sit idly by while it took over.
I was content to leave it be while it was a mild cough or occasional headache but it got greedy and now it is time to fight back.
I has gained my attention and begun to prove a hindrance so it must be destroyed.
The heating is turned up. I am wrapped up warm. Coffee and Hot Juice is on constant supply.
Oh I’m not using medication to get rid of you my little friend.
You are getting burned out.
Your entire colony will suffer as the heat sears you. Yes I will suffer as well but in the end I will be triumphant and stronger for the ordeal.
Your ambition will be your downfall.


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