My head is full of ducks.

They seem so calm and happy but secretly their little feet are flapping like mad.
Then occasionally one duck bumps into another and the quaking begins.
Sometime calm and cheery but usually loud and angry.
Loud angry quacking ducks flapping around inside my brain.
It’s a wonder I ever get anything done.

As I’m currently ill my head is also full of clouds making me feel weightless and foggy.
For the ducks however is causing more crashes and much more quacking.
All the ducks are unhappy now. All quacking. All loud.

No happy friendly quacks remain. Only anger and threats of violence.
All of this would cause me to question my mental health if I didn’t remember that ducks have a large corkscrew shaped penis. Then I laugh and the ducks join in the laughter.

I fear the day mating season starts for the head ducks though.


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