Murder Mystery Dream

Here is the tale of an elaborate dream I had.

Baron Michael Kluffhumps had been murdered.

I think that’s how you spell his name my subconscious wasn’t really that clear. But that’s not important.

What was important was that the Baron had been killed and I had to solve the murder.

No real indication as to why I had to do it. Maybe the police were on strike or something.

During my investigation all clues seemed to point toward the Baron’s son who had been banished from the family home after coming out. The son however had moved to Canada a month before the murder which made all the evidence pointing towards him very suspicious.

Then my focus was on the Barons mistress. She however was filming her reality show so also clear.

The estranged wife was innocent as was the greedy brother.

Then there was battle of wits between me and the butler. A man of sinister intelligence who talked in half truths and elaborate riddles. Once all of his puzzles were solved it was clear that he just liked making games and riddles and was really happy to have someone to play with.

In the end it was the Barons pet turtle because it was a damn dream.


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